About eBizDocs

DSC_0634-EDIT-smeBizDocs is an award-winning electronic document management service provider. We are committed to helping companies, state agencies, local governments, and other organizations find electronic solutions to otherwise inefficient record management systems.

Industry studies estimate that over 80% of business information still exists in the form of paper documents. Valuable paper files are often left inaccessible to employees as they clutter work space, are misfiled in cabinets, or degrade in off-site storage facilities.

By reducing reliance on paper, your business can reclaim valuable work space, recover lost time, and – most importantly – cut costs associated with inaccessible information.

Let us help you digitize your records, while simultaneously maintaining the integrity of your paper documents. Our team is backed by years of knowledge and experience, and our award-winning service is specifically designed to help you find fast, easy access to your most valuable commodity – your records.