eBizDocs Receives 2013 Corporate Partner Award from the TechValley NonProfit Business Council (TVNBC)

ALBANY, NY:  eBizDocs receives 2013 Corporate Partner Award from the TechValley NonProfit Business Council (TVNBC) for their work with local non-profit organizations to employ disabled workers at their scanning services production facility in Albany, NY.

“For profit businesses need to partner with nonprofit organizations because we need to measure our profits not just by the bottom line, but on your impact on community in which you live and work,” says award recipient, Howard Gross, president of eBizDocs. “We hope to stand as a beacon to other businesses in our community to do the same.”
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Working to improve employment opportunities for the traditionally underemployed (including adults with disabilities, disabled veterans, displaced homemakers) is a core activity among a number of local nonprofit organizations.

According to the fiscal year 2014 Federal Budget Report, nonprofit organizations such as these “offer a safety net for those most in need.  They serve as an economic engine for job creation in communities across America.  They also serve as an incubator of innovation and foster solutions to some of our toughest challenges.”  And the need for support of meaningful employment opportunities for the disabled community is the National Governor’s Association’ initiative:  “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities:”

Successfully achieving the goal of advancing competitive employment opportunities for individuals with intellectual and other disabilities will require meaningful engagement of the business community. Because government, business, the general public, individuals with disabilities and their families all stand to benefit from increased employment of people with disabilities, all have a role and shared responsibility in reaching this goal.
Together, we can ensure that individuals with disabilities will have opportunities for a brighter future.”

~Governor Jack Markell, Delaware
National Governors Association Chair, 2012-2013

Nonprofit organizations cannot do it alone.  Creating exemplary employment support systems and programs are not enough – there must be adequate and appropriate job opportunities available for program participants to fill.  Private industry must partner with these organizations and commit to hiring qualified candidates from these programs.

That’s where private, for-profit businesses like eBizDocs come in.

“Mr. Gross and eBizDocs are exemplars of a business commitment to employ individuals across the spectrum of the community workforce,” says Michael L. Sanders, Director of Community Vocational Services Employment Options for the CFDSNY, who has partnered with Mr. Gross for over 17 years.  “Even in times of job shortages, we were consistently able to place people in employment with eBizDocs.”  18 individuals enrolled in the Employment Options program  (nearly 25% of the total participants) are currently placed at eBizDocs.

Jason Goman, Employment Specialist for the Albany Housing Coalition, agrees.  “It has been amazing to watch the veterans that I have placed at EBizDocs.  They thrive in the workplace and we have had good retention rates.  We have placed veterans with EBizDocs for several years now and in our experience this is a company that goes out of its way to support and retain its employees. One Veteran in particular struggled for many months to find meaningful employment.  Now at eBizDocs, this veteran is excited about the job, sees a future ahead of him, and has secured an apartment of his own. eBizDocs has  improved the livelihood within the overall veteran community by enhancing the social mobility, overall moral, and sense of self-worth of its members.”

“It’s just good business,” says Mr. Gross. “We hire individuals for their abilities, not their disabilities.  By matching the employee’s skills to the task and providing appropriate training, my business gains employees who are loyal, hard-working, and provide top-quality results in the roles they fill.”

Hiring disabled workers has been a core business practice at eBizDocs since its inception in 2000.  Today over 60% of eBizDocs’ production workforce is self-identified as disabled, some of whom have worked for the company since it began over 13 years ago.

“eBizDocs embraces the full inclusion of people with disabilities and has successfully built partnerships with the nonprofit sector – including New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID.org), the Center for Disability Services and Jawonio – that demonstrate visionary leadership in contributing significantly to the quality of life in the Tech Valley community,” says Ron Romano, NYSID president and CEO.

About eBizDocs

eBizDocs is an award-winning digital asset management solutions provider located in the Capital Region of New York State. Its services include: business process and records management consultation, full-service document and records management software solutions, mass scanning and document imaging solutions and scanner sales and service. With over 1 billion documents processed and a strong commitment to outstanding quality and customer service, eBizDocs has been a center of excellence since its inception in 1999. eBizDocs’ many satisfied customers include both private sector businesses and public sector organizations across a wide variety of business types. As a preferred source contractor, eBizDocs has successfully completed hundreds of projects for NYS entities, including the Dormitory Authority (DASNY) and the NYS Surrogate Courts. A recipient of many awards and recognitions, eBizDocs has received the Government Technology Best Solutions Award in both 2003 and 2007 from the office of the New York State CIO among others. eBizDocs, and its founder, Howard Gross, has also received numerous awards and recognition for its longstanding support of the disabled community, in particular in working to integrate individuals with disabilities into the workforce. These honors and awards, along with its many satisfied customers, fortify eBizDocs’ status as a dependable leader in the community and the content management industry.

For more information about eBizDocs or this article, please contact Deborah Evans, Marketing Manager at 518.456.1011 or email to:  devans@ebizdocs.com

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