3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Hire Disabled Employees

Hiring disabled employees provides businesses with a competitive advantage.

At eBizDocs, we hire people for their abilities, not their disabilities.  However, we also employ a number of individuals who have self-disclosed disabilities through our partnerships with a number of local nonprofits who serve this community.  Along with a growing number of businesses like Walgreen’s, who has hired employees with disabilities not out of  charity but for the competitive advantage in employing disabled workers.  We do it because it’s just good business.

When eBizDocs founder, Howard Gross, faced a shortage of quality candidates for his document scanning business, area programs that provide services to individuals with disabilitities were able to provide the quality employees he needed to get the job done.  Today, more than 52% of the dedicated eBizDocs production workforce is made up of disabled workers.  (PS: Walgreen’s has been doing it since 2007; eBizDocs has been following this practice since it began in the year 2000!)

The National Governor’s Association knows its good business, too.

“Government, business, the general public, individuals with disabilities and their families all stand to benefit from increased employment of people with disabilities. (We) all have a role and shared responsibility in reaching this goal.”

Their initiative, “A Better Bottom Line: Employing People with Disabilities,” specifically focused on  the employment challenges that affect individuals with intellectual and other significant disabilities to be gainfully employed in the competitive labor market. Most importantly, it offers a blueprint for governors to address how the private sector can provide meaningful support and job opportunities for the disabled community.

Interested in joining us as part of the business community that supports disabled employees?  Consider the ways hiring disabled workers be good for your business, too.

Number 1:  It improves marketability

  • According to a University of Massachusetts poll, 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably than those that do not.
  • 87% also agree that they would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities. 20% (and growing) of Americans have a disability.
  • The disability market is the most elusive and often-ignored segment, yet it boasts $1 trillion in aggregate income with $220 billion in purchasing power — more than teen market.

Number 2:  Hiring and HR Costs are Reduced

  • A 2007 study by DePaul University found that employees with disabilities were just as dependable and productive as employees without disabilities.
  • Participants in employment programs are pre-screened for your specific employment needs and are dedicated team players.
  • Retention is improved, reducing long-term hiring and training costs.
  • Veterans re-entering the workforce tend to be mature, motivated and disciplined workers who have been proven to be reliable, dependable, and able to perform in stressful situations.
  • Disabled workers can provide a flexible workforce that is often able to accept a varying number of hours based on demand.

Number 3:  There may be contract and tax advantages

  • Nonprofit organizations like New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID.org) have a mission is to turn business opportunities into jobs for New Yorkers with disabilities.
    • As a preferred source vendor for New York State, NYSID procures NYS contract opportunities for services (such as mass scanning) at competitive prices without requiring the costs and time constraints of the bidding process. The contracts are then fulfilled by its member subcontractors, (which includes eBizDocs). These businesses are then able to provide long-term employment for all of its employees, including disabled workers.
  • The IRS and most states, including NYS, offer tax credits and deductions for companies that hire workers with disabilities and for making their businesses and work places accessible.

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