5 Reasons to Trade In Your Scuzzy Old Scanner for Some Real Green This Earth Day!

Every Earth Day, we tell you to go paperless.  We’re not doing that this year.

windows xp no longer supported scsi scanner cable trade in for money credit

This year, we’re just going to encourage you to trade in your scuzzy old scanner for a nice, new, green* Kodak™ scanner instead.

We’re even willing to trade you some real green for it**.
You know, the kind with $$$$$ on it.

If that’s not enough of a reason to keep on reading, we’ve got 4 other great reasons why you should (or might have to) trade in your scuzzy (SCSI) old scanner for a super-fast, clean and green, new, Kodak™ scanner this year…

*No, the scanners are not literally green. But they are green certified.
**Note: That’s cash towards trade-in.  You know, like when you trade in your clunky old gas-guzzler towards an energy-efficient model.  

Reason #1:  You really might not have much of a choice…

If you missed the news, you might not have noticed that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft as of April 8, 2014.  You probably didn’t notice because you’re still happily using it at your office, along with millions of other small businesses around the world.  Until you get a new computer, or upgrade your OS.

Along with that change went all support for any peripheral devices (like scanners) that connect to your computer through a SCSI adapter.   XP was the last version of Windows to support SCSI technology, so these devices are the Model T Ford of the tech world.

So, go take a look at the back of your scanner.  If it connects to your computer with a cable and a connector that looks like the picture above, it just isn’t going to work when you upgrade to a newer version of Windows.

And yes, sooner or later, you will have to upgrade your version of Windows.  However, having that “little push” might be just what you need to make a change for the better – for your business, and the environment!

Reason #2:  And then there was light… LED light, that is!

The newest Kodak™ scanners use mercury-free LED lamps as a light source  – which means the bulbs never need to be replaced, and they use significantly less energy than other illumination sources.  As an additional bonus, LED illumination solutions provide “instant off” and “instant on” power savings.  Plus, the images that are produced with LED lamps are clearer and are much more accurate at rendering colors, which allows for more efficient OCR processing and enhanced image quality.

So, using a new, clean, green Kodak LED-illuminated scanner means you’ll get enhanced image processing, and save your business some serious green by eliminating replacement costs for light bulbs and reducing energy expenses, all while your business is helping to protect the environment from toxic chemicals as well as lowering its carbon footprint!

Pretty awesome results, just by choosing a better document scanner for your business.

Reason #3.  Save today, and help save the environment for the future.

Kodak scanners use printed circuit boards that are up to 44% smaller and contain up to one-third fewer electronic components than comparable scanners on the market. This results in lower power requirements for scanner operations – in fact, between the energy savings of the LED lamps and the smaller circuit boards, many Kodak scanners use up to 75% less power than similar competitors’ models.

But that’s not all.  All electronics contain hazardous materials, including lead, cadmium, and mercury.  It is estimated that electronic waste accounts for at least 40 percent of the lead and 75 percent of the heavy metals found in landfills.  However, because of the reduced circuit board size (and don’t forget those mercury-free LED lamps!), your new Kodak scanner contains significantly fewer toxic materials than competitors’ models to begin with, and requires fewer resources to properly recycle the materials when the product life-cycle is complete.

Read more about how Kodak is working to make their scanners environmentally friendly
and has earned the ePeat environmental seal on over 33 of its products.

Reason #4:  Buying products that are “built to last” means less toxic trash in landfills, and adds up to major savings in total cost of ownership.

Roughly 40 million metric tons of electronic waste (e-waste) are produced globally each year, and one of the primary reasons it has become such a global issue is the tendency to treat consumer electronics as disposable items.

One of the best ways to protect the environment, and your budget, is to purchase products that are purposefully designed to perform for many years, and are backed by a company that has the service personnel to maintain its products over the entire product life-cycle.  Kodak™ products have a history of long consumer use with proper maintenance.  In fact, we have one machine that has been in continuous use in our facility for more than 10 years – a record that’s practically unheard of in the electronics industry, where the average product life-cycle is less than 2 years!

Kodak also provides cost-effective long-term warranties and access to critical spare parts to ensure that your new imaging equipment lasts – saving you and your business money and saving resources for the future.

Reason #5:  You can trade in that scuzzy old scanner for real cash towards a speedy new clean, green Kodak™ scanner

In fact, you can trade in your old scanner (any model, any manufacturer; we don’t even care if it works!) and we’ll give you real cash toward the purchase of your brand-new, green Kodak™ scanner.

Now that’s recycling most of us can get behind!

Best of all, you don’t even need to bring that scuzzy old scanner anywhere – we’ll even arrange to have your old scanner taken away.  You don’t have to do a thing (except call us)!  And thanks to Kodak’s advanced recycling and trade-in programs like these, you can rest easy knowing that the environmental risks of improper disposal of potentially dangerous waste materials are avoided.

What are you waiting for?  Save some green while you go green today with a new Kodak™ scanner from eBizDocs!

scsi scanner cable not supported windows xp get a credit towards new scanner

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