Remove Paper to Make Your Business Better

Less Paper = More Time, PLUS Bottom Line Improvements to your Business!

How much will your business save by going paperless? Click to calculate your savings!The results are indisputable. Implementing paper-free processes into your business, (including document management systems), are just plain good for your bottom line.

  • 2/3 of respondents to a recent AIIM survey report payback within 18 months.
  • 50% see a return on their investment in less than 1 year

Want to blow away your competition with your outstanding customer service?  How about truly doing more (about 40% more) with the same number of staff people?  Or even get rid of a building or two?  Set your business free of your paper habit.  Today.

Why should you break your paper habit?

Businesses who use paperless processes report:

  • Staff productivity increases between 30 – 40%.
  • Customer (or citizen) response speeds are over 4 x faster!
  • They eliminate the need for expensive space used to store paper files and records.
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Check out AIIM’s World Paper Free Day Slideshare presentation
(it’s where we got this great story…

break-paper-office-habit The journey’s not over. Over 40% of businesses are only beginning the paperless process. And, amazingly,  19% of business are reporting increases in their paper use!Where are you in your paperless journey?
What steps will you take today to reduce paper and increase your business’ efficiency?

Share your story with us!

Creating, implementing, and maintaining a good records management system is absolutely essential for sustainable business practices.

Want to learn more about ways to improve your business with electronic records management systems?  

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