An alternative way to show support for Veterans Day

When Veterans Day rolls around every year, it means a little something more to us here at eBizDocs. While cards, flowers, donations, and kind words are undoubtedly appreciated by the men and women we honor on Veterans Day, we have a better way.

Hire a veteran. It’s that simple. Better yet, hire a disabled veteran.

hire veterans dayLet’s look at some statistics:

  • Upon returning from active duty, veterans face an unemployment rate of 10% (3% higher than the national rate).
  • 246,000 veterans, who put their lives on the line and their civilian lives on hold in service to our country, are without a job.
  • Approximately 28% of Gulf War Era II veterans have a service-related disability; of these, 9% are at least 60% disabled.
  • The number of veterans with disabilities grew by 45% last year, and unemployment among this population is at least 16.9%.
  • 60% of veterans report great difficulty in applying their military service to the civilian job market (though they often have more professional experience than their peers).

We are honored to have a number of veterans (including disabled veterans) on the eBizDocs team. We don’t hire them as an act of charity (although we wholeheartedly believe it’s the right thing to do), we hire these men and women because they are good at their jobs and are excellent, loyal employees.

In the words of an eBizDocs team member who is a disabled veteran, “No one (stateside) seems to care if you can repair a Black Hawk helicopter engine, while under fire, in an active war zone.”

So this year for Veterans Day, we urge you to say thanks by hiring a veteran and making every day Veterans Day.

Interested in hearing more about our process for hiring veterans? Fill out the short form below and we will get back to you ASAP.

Sources: CNN, Dept. of Labor, TIME

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