Automate Document Imports with File Monitor

Cabinet SAFE Securely and Efficiently Stores Digital Records

Looking to save even more time using Cabinet as your document management software? Get familiar with the File Monitor.


Cabinet’s File Monitor brings automation to document filing. Instead of manually adding documents to Cabinet, Forms Monitor creates a “hot folder” that is continually monitored for newly added documents. These documents are subsequently filed to Cabinet.


Once is document is scanned or otherwise saved to a predefined folder, it is named using a defined convention, such as “date-company-amount,” or any other parameters that will make for efficient retrieval.

When the monitor notices new documents in the folder, it imports them into their proper folders using the document title as the index data. The module runs as a Windows service and can also be configured to send automated email notifications when documents have been filed.

For more information about how your office can benefit from Cabinet SAFE and Forms Monitor, fill out the short form below. One of our experts will get back to you ASAP.

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