Business and Bagels Workshop: Transform Your Records Management Processes from Trick to Treat!

Records Management can be a pretty tricky task for any business owner.

Records management can be a pretty tricky task for any business owner.

Keeping track of what you need to keep, for how long, and how to properly store, protect, and manage records is enough to give anyone nightmares. Add to it the very real risk to your business if client, company, or employee records are improperly handled (or lost!), and you could have a scary (and expensive) mess on your hands!

We can help you avoid those nightmares and turn your records management processes from a trick to a treat!  In fact, we can show you how combining the right tools with expert support and expertise will not only make records management easier to handle, it will even save your business time and provide significant cost savings.

Join us for coffee and bagels, then participate in our records management workshop and facility tour and learn how your business can get records management right and get a measurable return on your investment!

What you will take away from this workshop:

  • 5 Records management essentials every business needs to know to take year-end from trick to treat!
  • The “records monster in your cabinets”: Records Management Disasters (and how you can avoid them!)
  • Top 10 ways electronic records management will improve your business records management processes and save your business time and money in the process!
  • Calculating the Return on Investment your business will achieve using electronic records management solutions (interactive)
  • Step-by-step Guided Tour: How your business can “go paperless” at a price you can afford.

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