Honored by the Company We Keep at Van Rensselaer Awards

It is said that the definition of character is in the company you keep. If that’s true, then the eBizDocs team could not have chosen better company than our fellow honorees and attendees at the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce Van Rensselaer Awards Dinner.

The company we keep - The ebizdocs team, recipients of the small business van rensselaer award at the rensselaer county regional chamber of commerce's van rensselaer awards dinner
Congratulations to our fellow honorees, Lambert Ginsberg and Rifenburg Construction. These companies and individuals represent so much of what makes the Capital Region strong.  As fellow members of the Chamber, we look to these companies as personal and professional role models that we strive to emulate.

“Success comes from a strong, dedicated team that works tirelessly, day in and day out to make our company strong.  Its what makes it possible for me to do the (sometimes) crazy things we do in business, and supports the directions I want to go in.”

Howard Gross, President of eBizDocs

We truly are grateful for having the Rensselaer Chamber on our extended team.  Their unfailing support and the positive attitude they bring to our business and the region is an invaluable factor in our continued success.

Stephen Van Rensselaer, the inspiration for this award, was an outstanding community advocate, and an enduring role model in demonstrating how doing the right thing for your community can also be good for your business.

At the age of 21, Stephen took possession of his family’s estate of close to 1,200 square miles.  Instead of making a quick buck by selling the land, he chose to make his fortune from the land.  More importantly, he was committed to creating a system that allowed everyone who worked on his estate to be successful as well.  By granting his tenants perpetual leases at reasonable rates, everyone made a living wage.  This diverse group of individuals invested back into the community, productivity increased, and everyone benefited from the results.

The sustainability movement was born.

3bl-graphic_for-web_clear-bgVan Rensselaer realized that his long-term, sustainable success would be generated by a commitment to people, profit, and the planet.  It was not necessary to sacrifice the land or the people in order to make a profit; in fact, it made his business stronger and improved everyone’s bottom line.

This is the same principal that eBizDocs lives by.  Our work is focused on helping businesses prosper by increasing efficiency and productivity, protecting the assets they have, and saving them money in the process.  By reducing paper consumption and recycling old paper, we provide significant protection to the environment. By choosing to support the diverse group of people that comprise the eBizDocs team, we are able to be strong and profitable ourselves.  In turn, our community is stronger for it.

We also believe in supporting a diverse workforce.  It is an integral part of our mission to hire individuals who have traditionally been underemployed, either due to a physical, mental, or developmental disability.  In fact, over 56% of our production team has come to eBizDocs through local non-profits that support members of the disabled community.

We do not do this out of charity.  We do it because each and every person on our team actively contributes to eBizDocs’ success by doing an outstanding job.  They are as committed to our success as we are to theirs.  We know that when you match an individual’s ability to the right job, provide adequate and appropriate training, and allow him or her enough time to develop the necessary skills for their job, they will simply amaze you.

In fact, what might be considered a disability often becomes an asset, both to the employee and to our business.  For example, one of our team members is labeled as “Autistic”. When given the role of sitting at a computer all day, inspecting images for errors as a member of our Quality Assurance team, this disability becomes a talent that few others could match. Ultimately, everyone is happy, including the employee, who gets to shine as a result of something that many would consider to be his greatest “problem.”

We are passionate about abilities and skills here at eBizDocs.  By investing in people, we get a return on our investment that money cannot buy – and it is one of the greatest “secrets” of our success. It makes for a pretty awesome workplace, too!

Over 200 years ago, Stephen Van Rensselaer got it right.  It is an honor and privilege to be be recognized as a business that exemplifies his work, but the honor truly goes to the team members who make up our community.  They are, and always have been, the real winners.

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If you are a local business and would like to schedule an appointment to visit us and see our amazing team in action, we’d be happy to show you around! Drop us a note or give a call at 456.1011 – we’d love to see you soon.

"Mother Gross" aka Cynthia Werner of zing-A-GramPS – we’d like to send a shout out and a big, mushy thank you to “Mother Gross,” aka Cynthia Werner of Zing-a-Gram.  Thanks for “putting the FUN in functional” by bringing our slightly (?) cracked sense of humor to the evening.  You were a riot!

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