Measuring Profits Through Partnerships That Work

“For profit businesses need to partner with nonprofit organizations because we need to measure our profits not just by the bottom line, but on your impact on community in which you live and work.”

~Howard Gross, President, eBizDocs


eBizDocs is honored to be recognized by the Tech Valley Nonprofit Business Council (TVNBC) as the recipient of the 2013 Corporate Partner Award. We are humbled to have been nominated for this award by our nonprofit partners.

“The (Corporate Partner Award) recognizes a for-profit organization that has successfully built partnerships with the nonprofit sector and demonstrates visionary leadership in improving the community through collaboration and support of nonprofit organizations and has contributed significantly to the quality of life in the Tech Valley community through professional and civic activities or involvement.”


How does eBizDocs work with its nonprofit partners?

CFDSNY_quoteOne of the major missions of all of the organizations that we work with is to improve employment opportunities for their consumers. How do we support their mission? We simply employ people from their programs.  Lots of them.  In fact, over 60% of the eBizDocs production team has a self-declared disability, and have come to eBizDocs through one of these programs.

What is most amazing to us here at eBizDocs is that our employment practices are not really so remarkable (at least to us, anyway!). It’s just good business. For us, for our nonprofit partners, or all of our employees, and for our community.

Unfortunately, our employment practices do continue to be noteworthy.  We welcome the opportunity to share our story with others, and to stand as an example of how working together with these organizations works for everyone.  We’re delighted to share our success, much of which is directly attributable to the efforts of our diverse team.  A team of individuals hired for their abilities.

AHC_quoteResearch shows that employment supports strong, vibrant communities. Homelessness drops as employment rises. A steady paycheck means happier, healthier individuals and families. And there are many amazing nonprofit organizations in our area working to provide employment support to the traditionally underemployed.

But here’s the rub: For profit businesses must be willing to hire the folks that these programs serve. Without jobs, there are no sustainable employment opportunities.

And it’s good for business.

Here’s how it works (more or less) for eBizDocs and our partners:

Our nonprofit partners maintain programs that are designed to support individuals with disabilities and to help them obtain and maintain employment.  They provide the tools to help their consumers find jobs, and once hired, provide on-the-job support, transportation, and other assistance to the employee when needed.

eBizDocs then hires employees from these programs. We work together to match the prospective employee’s abilities with the skills needed for the job, often turning what might be considered a disability into a strength. We recognize the individual’s capacity to learn new skills, and his or her willingness to work hard at the work they are given. We provide reasonable accommodations as needed (as required by law for all workers).  And we provide all of our employees extensive training on the tasks needed to perform their job and plenty of time they need to become proficient in their role. This helps us to ensure that all of our employees are successful here at eBizDocs.

work_quoteIn return, we get employees that are loyal, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. Employees that show up to work on time, every day. Team members who care about doing the best job possible,  and who stay with us for years. Who know you took a chance on them and appreciate the opportunity to work and grow. And by matching the employee to the job skills needed and making the investment in training them properly, our team produces top-quality results at competitive prices.

“NYSID congratulates eBizDocs for being named 2013 Corporate Partner of the Year by the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber’s Tech Valley Nonprofit Business Council.  eBizDocs embraces the full inclusion of people with disabilities and has successfully built partnerships with the nonprofit sector – including NYSID, the Center for Disability Services and Jawonio - that demonstrate visionary leadership in contributing significantly to the quality of life in the Tech Valley community.” Ron Romano,

The employee gets to do meaningful work and earn a competitive wage. They are part of a team that appreciates and values their contribution to our success. They are able to be productive members of their community. They can afford housing and other basics of life to support themselves and their families.   They are happier.  Everyone wants to be able to contribute something of value – employment gives them that option.

To maintain a sustainable business that can continue to provide long-term employment for our team members, we must also remain profitable. So, we work with other partners, like the New York Industries for the Disabled (NYSID). As a preferred source vendor, our NYSID partnership helps us to procure contracts that continue to allow us to provide quality services to our customers while offering long-term employment to disabled workers.

What can other businesses do to support veterans and other Americans with disabilities? Hire them. Purchase goods and services from companies that hire a large percentage of disabled workers. By doing so, you are, by extension, hiring disabled workers.

Everyone – the individuals we hire, our businesses, and our communities – benefits from partnerships that work.

Want to learn more about eBizDocs, how we work, and how we can help your business to work better, too?  Send us a note here and we’ll get right back to you!

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  1. Sheri Muth says:

    Howard and your team, a well deserved award!!! We are proud to be a partner with E-BizDocs, you are a true example for other businesses to emulate. Sheri

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