Disaster Planning and Recovery

Prepare a Disaster Recovery Plan

A Brooklyn waterfront warehouse is the latest poster child for poor disaster planning. Just days ago the building was engulfed in insatiable flames, fueled by the contents inside – banking, medical, court, and other confidential documents.

It’s still unclear what caused the massive 7-alarm fire. And the extent of damage to the building, to the records – and not to mention, the reputation of the record custodians – is left to be determined as social security numbers, bank checks, medical records and other sensitive information soil the surrounding beaches.  You can read further details on the New York Times.

Managing content electronic provides some significant benefits.

Disaster Planning

While it is not possible to completely prevent disasters from occurring, it is possible to mitigate the extent of damage to company data through planning. Thorough disaster planning includes tasks such as:

  • Digitizing archival records (including paper destruction)
  • Implementing a paperless workplace
  • Applying proper retention
  • Establishing backup and data redundancy.

Hint: order matters. Applying retention and establishing backup and redundancy works best with digital content.

Disaster Recovery

When a disaster does hit, its impacts are significantly less jarring on your business. Your digital content is easily recoverable rather than entirely lost or exposed to elements.

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