DMS: Bring Order to Digital Chaos

Bring order out of your digital chaosThe paperless office means more than shifting to exclusively digital documents. It also means managing them in a way that ensures confidentiality, enforces consistent taxonomy, and overall, promotes productivity.

This can’t be done by simply storing documents on a shared network drive. Implementing Document Management Software (DMS) is the next logical advancement toward the paperless office and all its benefits. Here are three ways that DMS brings order to digital chaos.

1. DMS Simplifies Retrieval

By applying consistent naming conventions and automatically tagging filed documents with searchable metadata, employees can more quickly find what they are looking for.

2. DMS Tightens Security

Adding security classifications and encryption ensures that only employees with access privileges can view confidential records or documents that are specific to their business role/function.

3.  DMS Enhances Collaboration

Document Management Software makes it possible to automate document sharing/workflow with built in triggers, view multiple versions of documents, access documents on-the-go through mobile apps.

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