eBizDocs Inspires Support for NYS Tax Credit to Hire Disadvantaged Workers

MENANDS, NY –Members of the eBizDocs team spoke at a rally held recently in the Capitol by Senator David Carlucci, Chair of the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee, alongside advocates, employers and affected New Yorkers to build support for – “InspireNY.” The measure, which offers tax credits to employers that hire people with developmental disabilities, was successfully passed as part of the NYS Legislature’s 2014 Budget.

eBizDocs Team members speak at a rally in support of Senator Carlucci's

Ernie Langwater and Howard Gross of eBizDocs speak at a rally in Albany in support of NY Sen. David Carlucci’s “InspireNY” proposed tax credit.

Said Ernie Langwater, an employee at eBizDocs in Menands, NY, who spoke about his job experiences during the rally, “I love going to work. Lots of my friends can’t find jobs, but I’ve worked at eBizDocs for over 10 years.” Mr. Langwater works preparing documents for digital scanning at their production facility.

Howard Gross, owner of eBizDocs , has long been recognized as an advocate for hiring members of the disabled community, also spoke in support of the bill. “Thanks to Senator Carlucci’s tax incentive proposal, business owners will know what we at eBizDocs have known for a long time. When we hire and contract with organizations that support individuals with disabilities, such as Jawonio and other supported employment organizations, we are gaining the best staff around.”

“eBizDocs is not a sheltered workshop, nor is it a non-profit organization,” says Gross. “All of our employees work to the best of their abilities and work as part of the team alongside our non-identified staff,” said Gross. “They are hard-working and loyal, delivering top-quality results to our clients, and have helped to build eBizDocs to be the business it is today.”

“Together, with Senator Carlucci’s leadership, we will raise employment numbers and bring on the most valuable and productive workers around. I am proud to share the best-kept secret for the business community in NY State- hiring workers for their abilities, not their disabilities, is not just something you could do, it’s the best thing you can do.”

“InspireNY”  comes in the wake of a 2009 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Olmstead v. L.C., which ruled that Americans with developmental disabilities have the right to live and work in a community as opposed to an institutional setting. The decision was interpreted to mean that sheltered workshops – where many of these people worked originally – were no longer acceptable in terms of fulfilling an integrated setting model. Under this new mandate, 8,000 New Yorkers who are currently employed at sheltered workshops will need to begin the transition to find new employment.

Senator David Carlucci said, “This legislation will help thousands of New Yorkers not only embrace a sense of belong in a community, but inspire them to reach for their full potential. By working together with the private sector, we will ensure that these folks have a chance to earn a solid day’s pay and live the quality of life they rightfully deserve.”

Under “InspireNY,” a business will receive up to $5,000 for hiring each full-time employee and up to $2,500 for hiring each part-time employee. The credit applies to only people living with a developmental disability that as of January 1, 2015 have been unemployed for three months or are a current employee of a sheltered workshop. The tax credit applies only to filling each new job rather than replacing an existing employee. It also requires each employer to retain their hire for at least six months in order to qualify.

Jill Warner, CEO of Jawonio, Inc., said, “ “We are proud to support Senator David Carlucci in his critical NYS legislation to create tax incentives for employers around the state.

Ms. Warner continued, “Since 1991, Jawonio has led the region with 4600 job placements for people with special needs. Progressive employers, like Bonnist International in Rockland County and the Doubletree Inn at Tarrytown have a history and a future as partners in employment and know they are hiring the most productive workers to achieve their goals. Jawonio is proud to collaborate and advocate for Senator Carlucci’s bill that will give employers the tools and incentives they need to be successful while at the same time gaining a skilled, diverse and well-trained workforce from our NYS and regional award winning services for job creation and employment.”

For more information, or to arrange a visit of the eBizDocs production facility, please contact marketing@ebizdocs.com or call us directly at (518) 456-1011.

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