Webinar: Integrated Records Management for QuickBooks Users; Just In Time for Year-End!

Calling All QuickBooks™ Users!  Its well into Q4- are your records ready for year-end?


What if you could…

» get your records ready for year-end in hours… instead of weeks?
» find a signed customer invoice… in seconds?


Managing cashflow and all of the paperwork that it involves is one of the most important activities in your your business.  Its also one of the most complex and time-consuming activities in your daily operations.  And getting all of those (regulated!) records ready for year-end can be a real nightmare!

Register today for our free webinar and learn how you can…

  • Leverage your QuickBooks™ activities and significantly save time on your financial management processes.
  • Be ready for year-end – quickly and without stress.
  • Improve your bottom line by seriously reducing the lag time in getting your invoices out and get paid faster.
  • Make your vendors happy by streamlining processing so they get paid faster.
  • Get a measurable return on your investment… in months!

All with a money-back, no risk guarantee!*

»Find out more at our free webinar!«


Completing the Cycle

Even the happiest QuickBooks™ user knows that it’s not a complete solution for your business records management and year-end records preparation. Receipts, invoices, contracts – the list of documents and financial records goes on and on. There’s simply no good place to keep – or track – those files within QuickBooks™.

Does your process for getting invoices signed and approved look less like workflow and more like a traffic jam?  

Are you printing or emailing copies of invoices, then waiting for the approved copy to be returned?  Do invoices pile up while you wait, and wait… and wait?  Do you know whether the boss has even checked them yet, much less signed off on them?  

There are good, affordable solutions to your workflow issues.

CTA_register for webinar

Did you know that a well-designed, well-managed electronic records management system will actually pay for itself?

Improved efficiency and significant savings on labor and other direct costs will outweigh your investment (and surpass it) in no time! Going paperless – and integrating your records management with your QuickBooks™ application and other office software tools – will improve your bottom line and help you to build a lasting business.  In fact, we even guarantee it!*

Whether you have made the decision to “go paperless” or are simply exploring ways to improve your current record-keeping processes, this free workshop is for you!


What you’ll learn:

  • How QuickBooks™ + Electronic Records Management =
    Measurable Return on Investment
  • Why your business should “go paperless” (and stay paperless!)
  • How to plan and implement a cost-effective electronic records management system
  • Plus… improve your business’ bottom line and help your business to get ready for year-end!

Affordable. Accessible. Guaranteed.*


If you don’t love it after 90 days,
we’ll refund your monthly fees.

*Some conditions apply.

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