Flatbed Friday Revealed: Happy Independence Day!

For the big Flatbed Friday re-launch, we partnered with our friends at Gettysburg Flag Works—which was a clue in and of itself. Did you guess what we scanned this week?

Gettysburg Flag Works - American flags and lawn ornaments - happy Fourth of July!

Click on the image to zoom in!

Ta-da! American flags and lawn ornaments! Just in time for Independence day! We hope–no, we know–that you’re spending your 4th having a blast, and that there is a good chance this article won’t reach you until tomorrow. Maybe Monday. We’re OK with that. Go have fun!

Independence day is a favorite in America, largely because its sole celebratory purpose is America. That, and the fact that we get to eat hamburgers and hot dogs until we have to be rolled home. A day off might have something to do with it, as well. Quality time with family and friends? Pool parties? FIREWORKS.

The list goes on… and on, and on. However, while we were scanning flags and daydreaming of the red-white-and-blue-clad activities that this holiday brings, we started to mull over the concept of independence. Let’s take a minute, in honor of the holiday, and mull over what it means to be independent.

We hopped over to Google to get the official definition. There are 5, which is entirely too many. We like this one best:

“Not depending or contingent upon something else for existence, operation, etc.”

This particular interpretation really hit home with us, because it’s essentially what eBizDocs is all about. Our core mission revolves around making businesses more independent. Whether you are looking to “go paperless” or to put some “structure” in your “infrastructure”, our primary goal is to make sure your business is not depending or contingent upon something else—outdated filing systems and technologies—for existence, operation, etc.

Independence it pretty great. Wouldn’t you say? To be able to function and thrive without relying on something else? We say it is, and we want to ask—in which ways are you and your business most independent? Are there any ways you wish you were more independent?

Let us help you declare your business’ independence! Fill out the form below and tell us where you need help, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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