Fusco Enterprises Automates Accounting Process

Fusco Enterprises is a multidimensional property development and management company located in New York’s Capital District. The company manages a variety of businesses and operates Colonial Car Wash, a dependable, full service car wash that has been serving the Capital Region for over 35 years.

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The Challenge

Difficulty accessing accounting files of over 40 companies

One of Fusco’s chief responsibilities is managing the accounting practices for over 40 separate companies. This proved to be an arduous task, and staff was having difficulty finding paper receipts, checks, and other accounting documentation. Additionally, they wanted the ability to access documents when away from the office. They hired eBizDocs, local Electronic Content Management (ECM) consultants to review their filing system.

Fusco Enterprises integration of existing applicationsThe Solution

Cabinet SAFE’s QuickBooks integration and an automated workflow solution

eBizDocs evaluated Fusco’s records as well as their day-to-day business processes, and proposed Cabinet SAFE as the paperless solution to their inefficient and cumbersome record management.

SAFE is content management software that acts as a digital filing cabinet but with the additional benefits of file collaboration and workflow, granular security control, and robust searchability. SAFE is compatible with documents of nearly any format. And unlike traditional paper record keeping it enforces a strict, consistent filing system – comprised of Cabinets, Folders, Tabs, and document naming templates – thereby ensuring that documents are efficiently organized and quickly retrievable.

One of SAFE’s hallmark features is its integration with QuickBooks. This made SAFE an easy fit for Fusco. SAFE’s Books module makes filing documents into SAFE and entering transactions into QuickBooks easy. Employees simply scan a bill, payment, receipt, or other accounting document and enter the information associated with the document type (i.e., invoice number, check number, terms, GL account and amount). In a single step, the document is indexed, filed into SAFE as a PDF, and entered into QuickBooks. Another integral piece of their document management solution is workflow. eBizDocs worked closely with the Fusco staff to design an automated workflow system. As accounting records are filed to SAFE, they are instantly routed to users for approval.

Fusco Enterprises document management searchability benefitsThe Results

Reduced and simplified search and retrieval process and Cabinet SAFE plans for the future

Cabinet SAFE allows transactions that took days to clear the approval process to be completed in a matter of minutes. Once hard-to-find documents are now easily retrieved.

Since implementation, Fusco has expanded their use of SAFE by adding their accounts receivable records, year-end tax records, as well as other non-accounting, property management documents. They plan to add a mobile dimension to SAFE in the future. Adopting paperless records management has proven to be more than a fad for Fusco. It’s improved the way they do business.


About eBizDocs

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