Late-Breaking Development: The Jingle Elf Family Takes First Vacation in over 100 Years

Santa was still a skinny young elf the last time Merry McJingles was able to take a vacation from her job at North Pole, Inc.

Elves send off Jingle Elf family first vacation in over 100 years because of shift to paperlessSays Merry McJingles, head accountant for North Pole, Inc., (aka Mama Elf), “I am so excited to be able to get away even during the busy holiday season. With the new N&N List System, I can easily check the list twice whenever Santa needs me.”

Merry and her family are taking a much needed break and are planning a week’s stay in Albany, NY.

She’s excited to show her daughter more about her family heritage. “My family came to Albany with Sinterklaas and the original Dutch settlers before they continued northward up the Hudson towards the North Pole,” says Merry. “I’ve always wanted to see where my ancestors came from.”

She’s been researching her family history through archival records that she found online through various genealogy sites.   She credits this activity for her initial involvement in the Naughty & Nice List Paperless Project. “Being able to view digital copies of my family’s historic documents from my remote location at 0º latitude was like magic,” says McJingles, twinkling merrily.  “Once I saw the power of going paperless, I was hooked.”

She and her family are planning to visit various sites around the Capital throughout their stay over the next week.

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