Introducing the Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150 and i1180

These new scanners are transaction-focused devices; developed to facilitate business processes in the most efficient way possible. As the way in which businesses utilize paper evolves, it becomes more and more crucial to ensure that technology remains a step ahead. After studying emerging trends in customers’ and business’ experiences alike, Kodak has streamlined the way their imaging hardware meets the currents needs of the industry.

new Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150 and i1180 scanners difference comparison

The Kodak ScanMate i1150 is a device primarily designed for customer-facing processes. It is more compact with low noise output, which makes it ideal for desk and counter-top use. It is also enhanced for use across multiple paper sizes and types, and its sleek design features a cardholder built right into its face for easy access.

The i1150 is able to boost its scan speed for small batches, which is our personal favorite characteristic. This device scans at 25 pages per minute, but small batches—up to about 10 pages—can scan at 40 pages per minute. This makes it an ideal scanner for quick, in-person interactions. For example, a bank teller needs to be able to process information timely, easily, and accurately from documents in all shapes and sizes.

new Kodak Alaris ScanMate i1150 and i1180 scanners difference comparison

The Kodak ScanMate i1180 is first and foremost a faster version of the i1150, performing at the 40 pages per minute rate that the i1150 processes small batches. In addition to faster scan speed, it boasts additional enhancements such as built-in, driver-based Perfect Page software and out-of-the-box ECM licensing. This allows for a “plug and play” setup and stress-free use in the cloud without multiple installations.

In short, both of these new scanner models are ideal for businesses and organizations focused on streamlining and enhancing paper-to-digital processes, and each for different reasons. Choosing the right scanner is always dependent upon your business and what is best for you, which is where we come in.

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