Not Your Mama’s File Cabinets: Records Management in the Social Media Age

Everybody’s “gone social”…notmamasrm

  • Over 30 billion pieces of content are uploaded to Facebook every month.
  • At least 55% of small businesses actively use social media to promote their business and to communicate with current and potential customers.
  • Online customer support is expected to grow 53% in 2013
  • J. D. Powers reports 67% of survey respondents use business social media sites for support and for direct interaction with a company’s representatives.

Are you treating social content as the vital business record it represents?


Social media #fails will hurt you.

These are part of your business records, folks – and they are subject to e-discovery (meaning they can and will be used in a court of law) and, depending on your industry, a whole slew of regulations, complete with hefty fines if you fail to comply.

And that doesn’t even begin to cover the fun (?) stuff your employees may post about (or on behalf of) your company.

And yet, less than 28% of organizations have a clear strategy or goals for their social media activities and records management.

Even the Federal government (who has notoriously had trouble creating a working website!) has acknowledged social media content as part of the federal record and has implemented appropriate records management policies:

“The laws, regulations and policies that govern proper records management still apply when using social media at the EPA.

New content created with social media tools that qualifies as a Federal record must be captured and maintained in a recordkeeping system according to Records Management Policy…

Please note that content created with social media tools may be subject to document production under FOIA or litigation.”

~From the EPA’s Internal Policy Regarding Using Social Media and Maintaining Records

Email, websites, social media, shared documents – this shared, publicly available digital content contains vital, valuable information that your business depends on.


These communications and documents are part of your business records.

And unfortunately, they are often completely removed from most business’ carefully planned and executed records management programs.

Your business cannot afford to ignore social content as a record.

How do you manage your records created from social interactions? Do you have a policy for managing and maintaining emails, both sent and received? How do you maintain records of customer communications via social media?  Share your thoughts with us here!

Want to learn more about social media and issues pertaining to managing it as part of your business records?
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Not Your Mama’s Records Management:
RecordKeeping in the Age of Social Media.

Topics Include:

  1. When Social Content = Business Records: How to identify which media may represent a business record.
  2. The Elephant in the Social Media Space:  What you don’t manage may hurt you and your business
  3. Social Sites are NOT a records repository – 5 ways to properly manage content (including email) using industry-standard records retention policies.
  4. Open discussion on applying industry-standard records management techniques to manage content from new sources of business records.


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