Your Business Can Make Every Day Veterans Day

Hire a veteran.  Today.

Make Every Day Veterans Day

Better yet, hire a disabled veteran.  Best of all, hire a young, disabled post 9/11 returning veteran.

Young men and women are returning from active duty, only to face an unemployment rate of 10%. That’s 3% higher than the national rate.  246,000 veterans, who put their lives on the line and their civilian lives on hold in service to our country, are without a job.  

For disabled veterans, the outlook is even bleaker.  Approximately 28% of Gulf War era II veterans have a service-related disability; of these, 9% are at least 60% disabled.  The number of veterans with disabilities grew by 45% last year, and unemployment among this population is at least 16.9%, according the US Department of Labor.

Even though they return with more job experience than the majority of their peers, 60% of veterans find great difficulty applying their military service to the civilian job market. Sadly, medals do not equate to great job prospects.  According to an eBizDocs team member, no one (stateside) seems to care if you can repair a BlackHawk helicopter engine, while under fire, in an active war zone.  So they continue to hunt for work, sometimes for more than 2 years.

Imagine being without work for over 2 years.  The fallout is catastrophic, both for these individuals and for our nation.  It costs our nation over $40 billion a year to support unemployed veterans who want to work.  For the veteran, the cost is far, far higher.

homeless_veteransWithout work, these men and women are not free to enjoy even basic necessities of life – food, housing, transportation, etc.  They cannot provide for their families, or even themselves. Without work, many become homeless – at least 13% of the nation’s homeless population is made up of veterans.

Without work, they are not free to enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – the same freedoms they fought to preserve and protect for all of us.

The solution is easy.  Forget cards, donations, an email thank you, or hanging up a poster.   Just hire a veteran.  Today.

We are honored to have a number of veterans (including disabled veterans) on the eBizDocs team.  We don’t hire them as an act of charity (although we wholeheartedly believe it’s the right thing to do), we hire these men and women because they are good at their jobs and are excellent, loyal employees.  It’s just good business.

Having these individuals on our team makes a measurable difference in our business and our community, and a measurable difference in their lives as well.

Gainful employment provides veterans with the means to declare their own independence. A steady paycheck means an apartment or a home of their own.  It’s one way for these men and women to regain their dignity; to feel proud of themselves again.   It affords them the freedom to re-establish their lives and careers, and to live the lives they deserve.


It’s way past time for us to truly honor our veterans for their service.  Make every day Veterans Day.  Hire a veteran.  Today.

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