Microsoft Dropbox partnership – Application integration improves business!

drop box microsoft the verge integrationRecently, The Verge reported on the surprising new partnership announced by Microsoft and Dropbox.

The plan is to provide tight integration between Microsoft’s Office 365 subscription-based, word-processing offering and Dropbox’s cloud storage platform.

Office 365 already comes bundled with OneDrive, a document storage option which includes automatic photo syncing for devices. But both parties have found a large segment of the cloud community that needs defragmenting – users whose documents exist separately from their editing tools. And when you consider that “35 billion Office documents are stored on Dropbox”, integration is the only real solution.

Business specific software and cloud options are growing exponentially. As a result, many companies find themselves in the same situation as the fragmented consumer population. They are, however, worse for the wear because trying to manage disjointed systems, software, and solutions negatively impacts business processes – and bottom line.

When looking for a document management solution, one of the first things every business should consider is integration. “Will your product integrate with my current environment?” should be one of the first questions. For example, it can save you from purchasing a document management system for your accounting department that doesn’t actually integrate with your accounting system. A few important benefits of an integrated work environment include:

1. Seamless integration improves productivity by adding automation.
2. Users can continue using their daily, task specific applications without disruption.
3. Integration means IT spends less time on configuration as well as implementation.

How has integration between your applications improved your business?


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