eBiz round-up: Breakthroughs in mobile technology

We hereby declare this week National Mobile Innovation Week.

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We spend a lot of time exploring the dark recesses of the Internet to find cool stuff to share with you, and this week we kept stumbling over mind-blowing breakthroughs in mobile technology! Everywhere we looked there was a new product or advancement of some kind. The web is bursting at the seams with mobile tech this week, so we decided to pick our top three favorites to share with you.

#3 — Watch out for the iWatch.

Apple iWatch release date on the horizon

Rumors have been circulating for a while now, but as of this week the iWatch seems more within the reach of eager consumers than ever before. Although Apple still has yet to release an official statement, it’s all but been confirmed that there will be an iWatch. Better yet — it sounds like it could be here as early as September. The only information we could find about the iWatch itself is that it will have a slightly warped rectangular face measuring about 2.5 in. diagonally, but there will surely be more to come. Keep an eye on our blog and social sites if you’re interested, because there is a 0% chance that we won’t be talking about it.

Read more about the iWatch here.

#2 — Amazon Fire turns up the heat.

Amazon releases Amazon Fire with FireflyThere have been whispers of Amazon releasing a smartphone, and this week it made its debut! Although easy online shopping seems to be at the center of the Fire’s design (ahem, Amazon… go figure), it boasts a ton of inventive features. Among 3D effects, unlimited cloud storage for photos, and Kindle Fire’s Mayday, there’s the Firefly feature — which is our personal favorite!

With Firefly, you can point your phone at a piece of paper and it will use OCR to scan and import information. For example, if you hastily scrawl an important phone number on the back of your grocery receipt, all it takes to import it into your contacts is aiming your phone and pressing a button. You could do it while you’re carrying in your groceries!

Read more about Amazon Fire and Firefly here.

#1 — We’re sensing innovation in touchscreen technology.

Breakthrough in touchscreen sensory technologyThis week, researchers were able to successfully implant transparent sensory technology into gorilla glass — the glass typically used for screens on mobile devices. What does this mean? As it stands now, the recipe for a smartphone is a whole lot of screen with a dash of pesky add on. For example, devices with finger print scanners or heart rate monitors usually have them stuck on the outside, since (until now) you need to make physical contact with them. With this new discovery, you could have your heart rate read by simply tapping the screen of your iPad.

Since we have a mobile app for our eBizCloud© document management software, we read about this technology and immediately started daydreaming about what this means for the future of apps. What do you think will happen?

Read more about this discovery here.

So which of these new mobile technologies are you most excited about? Do you think you will buy an iWatch or an Amazon Fire? Were you blown away by a different mobile technology this week that didn’t make it to our top three? As always, we can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments!


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