Mountains of Wasted Paper Costs Millions Every Year For NYS Legislature

Dr. Alan Chartok On NY Legislature’s Bill to Go Paperless


Under current NYS law, every bill that comes before the Legislature must be printed for each of the 213 members – easily adding up to over 6 feet of paper generated per week per member.

To put it into perspective, the Legislature prints a stack of copies taller than Mt Marcy, (NY’s highest peak), every month that they are in session!

As Dr. Chartok stated in his program on WAMC, that may be about to change – but it will take an amendment to the NYS Constitution to make it a reality.  With change comes some consequences, including making some job categories obsolete.  However,  the potential savings, estimated at upwards of $50 million dollars per year in paper and recycling costs alone, are significant, not to mention the improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Listen to the program on WAMC.

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