It’s Flatbed Friday! What did we scan for NCSAM?

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)!

To kick it off, we partnered with the experts at GreyCastle Security for a NCSAM-themed Flatbed Friday. Were you able to figure out what they gave us to scan?

Check it out — GreyCastle knights and a GreyCastle t-shirt! A t-shirt that gave us a good laugh, we must add.

GreyCastle Security - National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Click to view a larger image!

This year, the theme of NCSAM is “Our Shared Responsibility,” and in our opinion, the most important way to contribute is to educate yourself about cyber security and to share your knowledge with those around you. If we all work together, we can make great strides towards keeping our digital assets safe, both on and offline.

If you’re interested in educating yourself about cyber security, throughout NCSAM, our Flatbed Friday friends will be speaking and exhibiting at a number of events. For digital data best practices, precautionary measures, and more, join GreyCastle security at any (or all!) of the following events this month:

Tune in next week to Flatbed Friday!

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