NorthPole NSA Elf Agents Use Mobile Devices to Update Naughty and Nice List!

North Pole Inc.’s (NP Inc.) Naughty-Nice Secret Agent (NSA) Team tests secure document management applications at eBizDocs in Albany, NY.

Elfward Snowedin, Technology Director for North Pole, Inc’s NSA, was spotted working at eBizDocs earlier today.

“Elfward Snowedin, our Director of Technology, was testing our new mobile forms application and workflow processes,” said Alabaster Snowflake, Administrator of North Pole, Inc.’s (NP Inc.) Naughty and Nice Lists. “All of our Elf on the Shelf Field Reconnaissance Agents are working off mobile devices now.”

The Elf Field Agents have been equipped with iPads, iPhones, and other mobile devices and are using specially-designed forms to send their daily Naughty and Nice Reports directly to NP Inc.’s new paperless records system.  Once the reports are saved to the system, the reports are routed to agents back at headquarters based on their name and status.

“The technology allows us to hold status updates until Elf Case Managers can approve the reports,” said Snowedin, “and we were able to set up custom rules that really improved the workflow in the Naughty and Nice List department.” The Elves can also add photos and other documentation to the records to support the decision-making process.  As a result, “Our error rates have dropped significantly,” stated Santa Clause, Chief Elf Officer (CEO) at NP, Inc.  “This is critical to our customer service – it’s hard to describe how devastating it can be to a child when we mistakenly put them on the Naughty List.”

By eliminating the nightly travel back to headquarters to send in their updates, the field agents are also able to remain on location and get some much needed downtime.  Mr. Snowflake further noted that NP Inc.’s use of magic dust has also been cut in half now that the team isn’t travelling each night to make their reports.  “We have been able to reallocate our resources to create more gifts for good little boys and girls,” said Snowflake.  “We consider this to be a much better use of holiday magic.”

The project has been highly successful to date.  In fact, NP Inc. plans to extend the program next year to allow Santa’s helpers to update each child’s Christmas wishes using mobile devices.



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