NYSID’s Annual Joslin Outstanding Performance Awards Program

Wendy Germond walks into the door at eBizDocs to a resounding “Good morning, Wendy!” from her co-workers. This starts Wendy’s day with the support she loves, and a smile.

At the age of 13, Wendy unfortunately lost her father to suicide. This is especially painful for a child and can have a lasting disturbing effect growing up. As a result of this, Wendy struggled with depression.

Wendy was always close to her family, and was lucky to have the love and support of her older sister, even after the shocking loss of their father. As Wendy says, “The day our dad killed himself was the day my sister and I lost our mental health. But I have always been pulled forward, out of the darkness by a strong support system, including a tight network of friends and the church.”

Wendy did well in high school, but went in and out of many careers. In 1995, Wendy earned a business degree at the University of Albany. She graduated in the top 1 percent of her class and followed her career, moving between upstate and downstate.

In 2003, Wendy, who always strives to better herself and help others, led a Bible study group and acted as a spiritual advisor.

Wendy attributes her recovery and well-being to several factors:

  • Meeting and working with Holy Emery from the Rensselaer County Department of Mental Health, who helped Wendy move into her own apartment.
  • Volunteering at Empowerment Exchange, a peer support program dedicated to encouraging recipients of mental health services find their personal power and voice.
  • Finding employment at eBizDocs. “eBizDocs gets me out of the house. I am surrounded by people and a sense of community. eBizDocs has strengthened my opinion of myself and what I am able to do.

The best therapy she finds is at eBizDocs, working and having the support of her co-workers. Wendy was invited to share her story with the Rensselaer County Legislature in May 2017, during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Wendy was recently recognized as one of Joslin’s Outstanding Performers for 2017 from the Capital Region/Hudson area, through NYSID’s annual people-centered awards program.

NYSID’s annual Joslin Awards Program celebrates exceptional job performance and personal growth. In its 14th year, NYSID has recognized more than 700 Outstanding Performers, and awarded 17 of those individuals with the final William B. Joslin Outstanding Performance Award. All Outstanding Performers receive a certificate of achievement and cash award, and are featured in an annual yearbook. More information, and the entire list of Outstanding Performers can be found here.

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