P.F. Chang’s security breach: A lesson in preparing for disaster

P. F. Chang's Security BreachPopular restaurant chain P.F. Chang’s has released a statement regarding a severe data breach that impacted customers’ financial information. The report indicated that 33 restaurant locations were confirmed to have been affected, and the attack is said to be under control although the investigation is still active.

The company was alerted to a possible breach in early June of this year, at which time the investigation was launched. Since then, the company says they have been safely and securely processing transactions, and that no additional information has been compromised.

If you would like to read the full press release, click here.

Any kind of data breach that occurs—especially when a business’ customers are affected—is incredibly unfortunate and almost always avoidable if the necessary safeguards are put in place preemptively. Luckily, P.F. Chang’s was able to efficiently isolate a disaster that could have escalated quickly, spiraled out of control, and produced devastating consequences for both the business and its diners.

Unfortunately, disasters such as this are far less uncommon than you may think, and oftentimes far less controlled. As always, we are here to help if you need assistance or guidance in safeguarding your clients’ data from disaster, whether it’s digital like in the P.F. Chang’s security breach, or a natural disaster like a fire or flood.

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