My business is totally prepared for disaster. Unless it’s something we never expected.

No one at the Villa Valenti restaurant ever expected to lose their building (and everything in it) in a massive fire.

We have to wonder… did that include their business records?*

Local Restaurant Completely Destoyed by Fire

We, along with our community, are truly saddened by the loss of this 50-year-old institution.  Over 100 firefighters fought to save the building from the fast-spreading flames, but were unable to contain the blaze before it was destroyed.  Now the Valenti family is left to determine how they will rebuild both the building, and their business.

Restaurant Records Requirements

Their challenges may include more than the obvious loss of their building.  The effort of replacing any lost business records destroyed by the fire may not be at the top of (or even on) the Valenti’s list of concerns right now, but it is a very real, and potentially expensive, loss to any business in the event of a disaster.

The fact is, the loss of vital business records can level your business just as certainly as losing your building to a fire.

Yet, many companies simply do not think about the potential consequences to their business if their records were lost or destroyed. Or have a plan for how to protect them, before they go up in flames.

We have to be honest – we had to think a moment about how a restaurant might be affected by the loss of its records.   So we started making a list of the documents a restaurant is required to keep, and boy, were we surprised!

By the time we were done making the list, we realized that again, no business can easily survive the loss of its records. Especially a restaurant.

Disasters come in the most unusual disguises.  Like a thief in the night, they sneak in and wreak havoc on your business, including your vital business records.  Some are obvious, like a fire or flood that destroys your building.  Others?  Not so obvious.  Consider these scenarios: Your trusted employee walks out with confidential files.  A pipe springs a leak and slowly drips on your records storage area, eventually destroying over 500 patient files. Your hard drive freezes during the “polar vortex” and cracks in half, causing you to lose all of your customer project files (yes, this really happened!)

We hope you never have to endure the devastating loss of your business and its records. But you can be a hero and protect your business from harm! And as Benjamin Franklin once said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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*Note:  We do not know that the Villa Valenti lost its records in the fire, nor are we suggesting that this is the case.   We are simply speculating on how there may be further losses to this business than the obvious and devastating loss of their restaurant itself.  We wish them the best of luck rebuilding from this disaster.

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