#SantaScan 2014 Document Management Project Confirmed

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  (Menands, NY) After staggering success with last year’s conversion project, North Pole, Inc. (NP, Inc.) has again enlisted the help of local document solutions firm eBizDocs, Inc. to assist in the conversion of the 2014 Holiday Season paperwork. This includes all wish lists, Naughty/Nice Determinant Files, and of course, the Naughty and Nice Lists, to name a few.

With a corporate retention policy that requires NP, Inc. to keep records for the entire lifetime of nearly 2 billion children worldwide, and new information flowing in nightly from the Elf on the Shelf Reconnaissance (ESR) teams, the challenges were both figuratively and literally piling up. Prior to the 2013 document conversion, even the archival storage facility at the South Pole was overflowing with files, and issues in the NP, Inc. workplace and surrounding environment were mounting. “Those papers were taking over our nesting grounds,” said Mumble, celebrity SpokesPenguin for the Endangered Emperor Penguin Flock. “We love Santa and all, but we were getting ready to contact NatGeo about our options for bringing worldwide attention to the problem.”

paper to digital conversion north pole

Retrieving information was also becoming very difficult. The Naughty or Nice Determinator Machine, once considered state-of-the-art, was slow and prone to breakdowns. With the combined elf-hours needed to carry out file pulls for List Statuses, it was taking a real toll on customer service capabilities. In fact, it was becoming almost impossible for NP, Inc. to keep Santa’s promise of making the list and checking it twice.

The situation became critical when the North Pole lost an elf earlier in the year. As NP, Inc.’s Naughty and Nice List Administrator Alabaster Snowflake stated, “It was definitely not a jolly day at 0° latitude. One of our lead elves, Papyrus Mintix, was lost under a pile of papers that fell on him when he attempted to remove a file from the bottom of a stack of folders.” He further added in an uncharacteristically solemn statement, “We dedicated the 2013 project to his memory.”

document conversion project north pole

Last year, the eBizDocs team installed high-speed Kodak Alaris scanners at the North Pole facility to replace the Determinator Machine. They also connecting the remote offices and off-site ESR teams to headquarters at the North Pole using their cloud-based document management solution. This approach ensured that day-forward processes begin (and remain) paperless. In addition, the Document Imaging Team converted the billions of archival records into digital files.

“We selected eBizDocs based on their excellent service record and demonstrated expertise in the field of electronic document and records management. Their willingness to work with us to meet our needs and to protect the security of the highly sensitive documents we handle was also a key factor in our choice,” said Mr. Snowflake. Mr. Santa Claus, CEO, added, “It was extremely important to me that whatever company we brought in, be of the highest character. Our Naughty and Nice List records are precious to all of us here at the North Pole. eBizDocs has been on the Nice List since it began, so I felt comfortable entrusting this project to them.”

Not only did NP, Inc. regain valuable work space, they saw significant productivity improvements as well. The new system allows Santa and his elves to find the information they need in seconds and to provide accurate information when determining a child’s list status. Improved communications with satellite offices and the elves working remotely eliminated a mammoth amount of travel that was previously required for the job. With 24/7 mobile access to the List, Santa and his elves can even go on vacation and be able to get to any of the records they might need at any time

shelf elf iphone mobile access

This year, with rising populations and a significant increase in staff both at headquarters and in the field, NP, Inc. will be adding scanners and increasing their cloud licenses. They are also working with the eBizDocs consultants on a process analysis and implementation of electronic forms, to further automate and increase the efficiency of their system.

“We couldn’t be more honored that eBizDocs has again been selected to help NP, Inc. better serve the children of the world,” said Howard Gross, president of eBizDocs. “My team and I are confident in our ability to preserve all of their historical records and make their ongoing processes more efficient and secure. This year’s project will allow Santa and his Elves to focus even more of their energy on what they do best – bringing joy to children everywhere.”

Stay tuned for updates on social media as this year’s document management project unfolds with #SantaScan!

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