Worried about iCloud? DO keep storing files in the cloud.

icloud scandal - keep storing files in the cloudWe’re sure you’re all aware of the iCloud scandal that’s currently circulating, since it seems we can’t access the Internet without running into it a time or twenty.

Basically, several prominent Hollywood celebrities got their iCloud accounts hacked and the public was given access to some not-so-public photos.

In the pandemonium that has ensued, we’ve run into article after article with headlines that read something along the lines of, “How to disable iPhone iCloud and keep your files safe.” This makes us cringe on so many levels, but most of all because the idea that files are less safe if they’re backed up is, frankly, absurd.

We have worked with countless businesses whose employees are wary of storing files in the cloud, mainly because of the stigma that it’s a menacing abyss monster that will eat them for lunch or hand them off to the highest bidder. We are tireless advocates in debunking this myth, so we get more than a little concerned when a celebrity scandal starts to dissuade people from adopting our beloved technology.

Let’s take a step back.

It should be taken into consideration that the hackers in this particular mess were not only advanced, but they were determined.  Stop us if we’re wrong, but we’re going to guess that Jennifer Lawerence’s iCloud might be a little higher on the target list than, say, a random batch of personnel archives from 1993. The odds that a hacker of this magnitude is lying in wait to snatch that information from you is most likely infinitesimal, if not entirely nonexistent.

Now, conversely, the odds of one of those files being lost or misplaced? Huge. A fire or flood destroying that batch of files? Unfortunately, a lot higher than most of us realize. Plus, if that were to happen, it’s more than just a batch you’re losing. You’re losing all of it. Oh, and one last thing—most of the time, it’s a lot easier for someone to break into a building physically than it is for them to break into a server, provided the proper safeguards are in place.

So what should you do, then?

The title of this article says it all. Protect yourself. If you’re worried about the safety of your files, as we all should be, backing them up in the cloud should be first on your list of steps to take. It shouldn’t, however, be the whole list. For example, instead of dumping records into a Dropbox or Google Drive account, invest in a secure application for your paperless files. Create complex passwords—we’re looking at you, Password1—and change them frequently. There are so many ways in which a situation like this is avoidable, as long as you’re taking the right steps towards safely storing files in the cloud.

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