Experts Agree – Tax Time is a Great Time to Go Paperless!

Whether you’re scanning client tax records as they come in, or are requesting that your clients send you their documents in electronic form, tax time is definitely the right time for your accounting office to “go paperless.”

Tax time is the right time to Go paperless!

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placeholder But, it’s not enough to simply scan the documents into digital images – you have to have a good system in place to manage those files now that they are digital. Implementing a well-designed document management solution as part of your process will make the difference between a paperless mess and paperless success.

Document management software can make your firm’s operations less taxing by putting important documents at your fingertips and helping you stay organized all through tax season and beyond. Accounting firms that go paperless are more productive and effective.

Tax Time Is the Right Time to Be Paperless

And, if your document management system is cloud-hosted, secure, and better yet, easily integrated with QuickBooks, you and your clients are going to be a whole lot happier, both during tax season and throughout the year.  We know for a fact that companies that go paperless save time and money and see a rapid return on their investment – it’s our business.  In fact, we guarantee it.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out Jeff Pickard’s terrific post on Accounting Today’s site!

Jeff also clearly believes in the value of using professional quality, high-speed scanners to digitize your tax records. “You can scan documents in just seconds,” he says.  “A quality scanning solution can even make volume scanning easy, recognizing where one document begins and another ends in a stack and sending them to the right client folder.”  We agree 100%!

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