Guess what we scanned this week… ***Updated 8/20***

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Here it is, everyone… Your first teaser for this week’s Flatbed Friday scanner challenge!

Take a look at this week's Flatbed Friday teaser photo!


…And here is your first hint: what happens this time of year?

Any guesses? Tell us! You can post a comment here or on social media. Oh, and don’t forget the #FlatbedFriday hashtag! You probably know the drill by now, but if you’re a newcomer, feel free to take a peek behind the scenes of Flatbed Friday for a little more information on how to play the game.

* * * * * * UPDATED 8/20 * * * * * *

colleges_teaser colleges_teaser3 colleges_teaser4

Any ideas yet? Or are you still stumped? Tell us — here or on social media — what you think we scanned this week!



Don’t miss the big reveal of the full image on Friday! If you haven’t signed up yet, CLICK HERE!

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