It’s time to play our weekly guess the picture game!

Learn more about our Flatbed Friday guess the picture gameIt’s time again to start guessing what we scanned for this week’s Flatbed Friday guess the picture game!

Each week we ask you to play our Flatbed Friday guessing game. Monday we give you a blown-up detail of high-resolution image we created on our Kodak Alaris Flatbed scanner, and see if you can guess what we scanned before we reveal it at the end of the week.

Take a close look at this week’s teaser image, below… Do you think you can guess what the “big picture” is before Flatbed Friday comes around?

flatbed friday teaser photoAs always, you can submit your guess in the comments here, or jump over to your favorite social site and talk about it there. Don’t forget the #FlatbedFriday hashtag, where you can see what everyone else is talking about and maybe pick up a hint or two! Most importantly, don’t forget to sign up for the big reveal on Flatbed Friday!

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