Webinar Introducing The New Alaris S2000 Series Scanners

eBizDocs recently hosted a webinar to introduce the new line of Alaris scanners, the S2000 series. The webinar hosted on November 29th gave us insight as to what the new series of scanners can provide users and the potential benefits for your business. The S2000 series scanners focus on simplicity from setup to use.

The S2000 series includes the Alaris S2050/S2070 Scanners, and the Alaris S2060w/S2080w Scanners.

The features and benefits of the S2000 series scanners include:

  • Perfect Page technology optimizes image quality dynamically for every page.
  • Embedded Image Processing delivers crisp, high-quality images at full speed to any PC or mobile device.
  • Active Feed Technology allows scanners to jog the documents to align the leading edge to avoid misfeeds.
  • Multifeed Management Options allows the user to accept, ignore, or rescan images, and speedy recovery from stoppages with pause and resume at scanner.
  • Sure Path Paper Handling actively monitors for multifeeds with ultrasonic sensors and intelligent document protection to prevent damages. Jam-free and document-damage free.
  • Controlled Output Stacking allows the user to pause and resume scanning.
  • Exception Handling Folio Mode detects sleeve folio and automatically merges front and rear to create image.
  • Intelligent Barcode Reading optimizes barcode processing to provide the fastest, most accurate results.
  • Setup Profiles for multiple job types and scan settings.
  • Intuitive Control Panel that makes scanning tasks quick and easy.
  • Push Scanning allows the user to push document images and metadata of the documents into a business process
  • Pull Scanning allows the user to pull document images and metadata of the documents into a transactional business process.

The Alaris S2000 series scanners are compact, powerful, and easy to use. They are designed to streamline and optimize the workflow process. The superior image quality, paper handling, and information accuracy makes them ideal for digital transformation in your business.







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