Why your business should go paperless. Yes, yours. (A new eBizSeries!)

Why your business should go paperlessThe EPA reports that the average United States office goes through 10 thousand sheets of paper per year. We report that this is a problem.

We understand that it can be hard to wrap your head around 10 thousand sheets of paper. That number is so large, it’s hard to imagine 10 thousand anything. Let’s suffice it to say it’s unbelievably wasteful in this day and age—for environmental reasons, obviously, but also for business reasons. Implementing a paperless process is an issue we should all be keeping in mind as we… well… go about our business.

eBizDocs has clients in dozens of industries across both the public and private sector, so we are no strangers to how different document management woes can be from one business to the next. It’s nearly impossible to create cookie-cutter reasons or steps for going paperless, and that’s why we’re kicking off a brand new, open-ended eBizSeries of how and why YOUR business should go paperless—for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

That being said, let’s start from the very beginning. Today, we dug to the heart of the matter and put together a short countdown of first-and-foremost reasons that all businesses should have “going paperless” on the radar.

4.  Disaster planning.

Natural disaster is an ever-present threat, no matter your type of business. Paper documents don’t stand a chance against a fire or a flood, which is why they should always be digital and safely backed-up at an off-site location—both of which are crucial elements in any effective document management strategy.

3.  Better use of space.

Did you know that the average file room usually only takes up a few GB of digital space? In other words, you can clear out an entire room in your office, or eliminate the entire cost of the off-site facility you’re renting for archival storage.

2. Time savings.

Most employees working in an office with a traditional process spend about 40 hours per year looking for documents. Yes—an entire work week. With a paperless system, a few keystrokes can replace all of that time spent digging through those dusty, cluttered cabinets.

1. Return on investment.

The money that businesses have saved by implementing a digital system is often all the reason that our clients need to decide to make the change. There have been proven returns of more than $6 per dollar invested within the first 2 years of implementation, and most businesses report a full return on investment within 12 to 18 months. If you’re interested in seeing exactly what kind of returns your business can expect, try our free ROI calculator.

Do we have your attention now? Check back soon, and check back often, because we’ll be constantly adding new guides to this series. If you’re interested in seeing a guide tailored to your specific business, fill out the form below and we will get started on it right away!

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