At eBizDocs, we make it our business to make your business better.

At eBizDocs, it's our business to make your business better.

There is, perhaps, no more exciting time for businesses and organizations than the 21st century. Technology has facilitated the creation of new business models and environments, including the inauguration of the once unimaginable paperless office, where efficiency reigns. One of the most significant features of the new paperless business environment is improved information management. Providing immediate access to important information to the people who need it is no longer merely convenient, it is vital for the success and survival of any organization. Whether you are an Executive Director, CEO, Doctor, Attorney, or Financial Advisor, all organizations can benefit from the improved efficiency of a dependable, fluid electronic record management system.

For over a decade, eBizDocs has helped equip businesses and organizations with the tools necessary to overcome the challenges associated with paper records. Our solutions are customizable and are specifically designed to improve the accessibility and security while also preserving the integrity of your most valuable resource—your records.

eBizDocs Business Solutions

From customer-related information to the proper maintenance of employee records, every business has information and files that must be optimally maintained for your business to function at its highest capacity.  Our solutions are affordable and easy to implement, providing a quick return on investment.  Enhanced document security is built in and easy to set up and maintain, without requiring IT support.  And access to your mission-critical documents, from anywhere, anytime, even in the event of a disaster, could not be easier.

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Who We Serve

Our hundreds of satisfied customers include both public sector and private businesses of widely varying sizes and business areas.  As a NYS preferred services contractor, we have the scope and scale to successfully deliver massive conversion projects that included millions of records and the flexibility to implement budget-friendly document management solutions for businesses and departments with only a few employees.

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