Local Bank Reaps the Riches of Document Conversion

15780133_lWhen a local, well established financial institution made the decision to digitize their mortgage records, they looked for a company that shared their values and civic commitment to New York’s Capital District. Award-winning DMS provider eBizDocs was the natural choice, and they were right around the corner.

 The Challenge

Severe office crowding due to hard-copy archives

The bank’s chief barrier was their paper record-keeping – literally.  With filing cabinets already full, the only place to store incoming mortgage documents were in large, heavy boxes. And they were beginning to pile high, crowding office space and employee’s desks.

And finding a particular file among the piles of boxes was no easy task. Employees had to sift through the hefty boxes, remove the entire folder, and page through the bulky file to retrieve a single document.

The Solution

Four steps to success

eBizDocs transported 95 large banker boxes – equivalent to 190 standard-size storage boxes – of mortgage records to their facility located only minutes away and began the conversion process.

The main stages of the eBizDocs document conversion process include:

Document Preparation

Items such as staples, rubber bands, and paperclips are removed; folds and tears are repaired; and barcode separation sheets are inserted.

Image Capture

High speed, Kodak Alaris production scanners convert the documents to digital images while capture software performs image processing such as auto-rotation, blank page removal, optical character recognition (OCR), along with more sophisticated tasks such as document separation, barcode recognition, optical mark recognition (OMR), and indexing.

Quality Assurance

Members of the Quality Assurance team verify that all pages have been scanned and that they meet the highest level of image quality.

pioneer bank document conversionIn addition to the typical conversion phases, the bank also required document classification. Document classification is the process of separating records into categories or document types. Classification is a time consuming and often costly endeavor, but brings with it many benefits. It allows you to search more effectively, enforce document security and record retention, and create automated workflow triggers. eBizDocs reviewed the records and processes and determined that the most efficient and cost-effective option was to have bank staff classify the records.

 The Results

Increased office space, decreased frustration

The bank immediately felt the tangible benefits of paperless record keeping. The large, hefty boxes that once cluttered employee work spaces vanished. Staff can now access mortgage files instantly without heavy lifting. And classification made it possible to quickly access one section of the mortgage without having to sift through the entire digital file. Digitizing and classifying their mortgage records has proven to be a sound investment for this local financial institution, and it that will continue to pay off in the years to come.

About eBizDocs

eBizDocs is an award-winning digital asset management solutions provider. Services include: process consultation, software solutions, mass scanning, and scanner sales and service. With a strong commitment to quality and service, eBizDocs has been a center of excellence since its inception in 1999. eBizDocs serves both private and public sector organizations, and is a preferred source contractor for NYS entities. eBizDocs has received numerous honors and awards, which, paired with satisfied customers, fortifies its status as a dependable leader in the content management industry.


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