Congrats to Our Employee of the Quarter!


Our Employee of the Quarter…

…Has been with us for quite some time now and has been recognized before. This employee is an outstanding and positive person, who possesses many talents. On several occasions this employee has submitted innovative ideas that we as an organization have implemented, as well as applied to specific projects.  Our Employee of the Quarter has also worked in many adverse conditions where she would be the only person on the team, because others were out sick or temporarily moved to another team. At times like these she continued to work diligently to make sure projects were executed in a timely manner. Not only has this employee shown a true concern for her job, she has been an outstanding teacher and trainer. She has taught others to hold the same high standard that we, as a company, maintain. She continues every day to strive for the best possible results, always keeping the company’s best interest in mind.

Our Employee of the Quarter is: Toccara Maskell!



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