Diversity and Abilities Work for eBizDocs

Abilities and skills.

That’s what eBizDocs looks for in every individual that we hire. And it’s exactly what we get, from every member of our team.

Why is that remarkable?

Over 50% of the eBizDocs workforce has a self-disclosed disability of some type.

We actually think its pretty unremarkable to concentrate on abilities rather than disabilities in the individuals we employ.  eBizDocs has actively embraced the full inclusion of people with disabilities since the day we opened our doors over 13 years ago. In fact, it has been a cornerstone of our business.

Everyone, whatever his or her background or individual challenges, brings valuable gifts and strengths to eBizDocs.  We provide each of our team members with the necessary training and plenty of time to develop the skills needed to do their job.  We work hard to make the most of those strengths to help ensure the success of everyone on our team, both at work and in their daily lives.

We simply treat all of our employees as invaluable members of our team. Each and every one of our employees earns competitive wages and is eligible for raises, retirement benefits and all the rest of the perks of the job. We offer extensive training at positions that our employees apply for based on their needs, abilities, and interests. There’s plenty of coaching available, and numerous opportunities for advancement or to move to other positions. While we’re not quite Google, we offer our workforce perks including monthly social events that make our workplace enjoyable for everyone that works here.

It’s not just a “good thing” to do, it’s good business.

Our team members include medal-winning athletes who participate internationally in the Special Olympics, several authors and Veterans who served in Iraq maintaining Blackhawk helicopters.  To learn more about many of our incredible employees, check out the eBizCommunity Updates in our eBizNEWS.