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At eBizDocs, we give you the tools you need to make your business better.At eBizDocs, we give you the tools you need to make your business better.

All businesses, no matter what kind of business they do, share many of the same necessary activities as a part of daily operations. And, if you’re like most companies, efficient management of all of the related paperwork can be a something of a challenge, whether you use paper files or are already a paperless office. eBizSolutions, combining quality document management software with our nationally recognized expertise makes all of these tasks faster and easier, improving efficiency, providing major time savings and measurably improving your bottom line.

Every business has client or customer activities. From contracts to important communications, service records, and invoices and payment receipts, customer management generates a huge amount of documents that must be appropriately managed in order to keep you in business. Being able to find the correct document you need in seconds, at the moment you need it, whether the client is on the phone or you’re on the road, can make all the difference between good customer service and outstanding customer relationships.

Most, if not all businesses, spend a lot of time on sales activities – or you wouldn’t have any customers to manage! Although you probably have some type of customer relationship management (CRM) tool, they are not designed to manage the files and other documents that your salespeople need to be able to do be ready to close that deal whenever and wherever they may be. Integrating with your CRM tool and ensuring that your sales team has access from anywhere on any device to all of the documents related to the prospect and can instantly access the same approved company content, like proposal formats and marketing assets, may make the difference between making a sale or losing it to a competitor.

You have employees. Whether you outsource your human resources activities or manage them in house, there’s always important employee documentation that you must carefully manage according to extensive regulatory requirements. And if your business has multiple locations, managing and accessing records when you need them can become a real nightmare.

You have financial records to maintain. Business accounting software does a terrific job of managing the line items for all of your financial activities. Unfortunately, it’s not the best tool for managing the corresponding paperwork and records. Seamlessly integrating your bookkeeping tools, like QuickBooks or MAS90 with our document management solutions makes it much easier to maintain those records in accordance with business rules and regulations as well as making it much faster and simpler to find what you need, when you need it.

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