Document Scanning Services and Imaging Solutions

eBizDocs is a “Center of Excellence” for document conversion and scanning servicesWhat does it take to be a “center of excellence” for document scanning services and imaging solutions?

Simply put, we think it comes down to just 3 things:

  • outstanding quality
  • years of experience
  • and exemplary customer service.

Without question, these essential elements help us to deliver the best possible results at the greatest possible value for our customers.

You’re probably already familiar with our work. As a preferred source contractor for New York State (through the NYS Industries for the Disabled), we have been involved in major conversion projects for hundreds of NYS agencies and organizations for over 13 years. If you’ve accessed electronic copies of various records online through NYS, chances are eBizDocs was the scanning service provider that digitized the paper records.

During our years of operation, we have brought hundred-year-old documents into our secure production facility and converted them into high resolution digital images, preserving our history for generations to come. We have digitized documents that were severely damaged by floods or smoke, ensuring access to vital records that would otherwise have been lost. And we have successfully freed up thousands of square feet of office space for hundreds of clients in both the public and private sectors and recycled tons of paper in the process.

What sets eBizDocs’ document imaging services apart from the competition?

 Quality is non-negotiable.

You might say we’re fanatical about quality control here at eBizDocs, and it starts from the moment from the moment your project begins. From our in-depth process of designing your project before the first file is ever scanned, to entering your files into our tracking and audit control system that follows the path of your files throughout our carefully designed and managed document imaging process, we combine technology with skilled labor to ensure that the resulting images meet or exceed your expectations.  At the conclusion of the imaging process, our exclusive TripleCheck© quality assurance procedures ensure that your document images are of the highest quality and your data is error-free.

Our quality is backed by years of experience.

A quick look at eBizDocs by the numbers says it all:

  • In business for over 13 years.
  • Over 125,000,000 documents converted from paper files to digital images (and counting!).
  • Hundreds of satisfied clients (references available upon request).
  • Our professional services team are nationally recognized experts in their field.
  • Our production team are highly trained and have years of experience at their jobs – many of whom have been with us since the company began!

Customer Service is our middle name.

Ok, not really, but it should be! As corny as it sounds, we are just plain nice to work with. At eBizDocs, each and every member of our team truly cares about providing real solutions to real problems for our clients. From personally picking up your files and delivering the finished results you expect to your office door, we take the struggle and worry out of your backfile conversion project. Need a file that you’ve sent to us? No problem! We’ll find it for you, no questions asked. Have a job that needs to be done on a tight timeline? We can accommodate that as well. And when you have a question or concern, or just need assistance with your project, we’re there to support you, every step of the way.

Let’s get started.