The eBizDocs Team

It starts with a vision…

“I had worked in the industry for quite a few years and was frustrated by the lack of customer focus I saw”, Howard Gross, President of eBizDocs, confides as his reason for starting the document scanning company in 1999.

This attitude helps explain eBizDocs’ fervent attention to customer needs and 20:20 focus on delivering solutions that make their clients more efficient. “Our clients are our partners”, Howard goes on to explain, “When they succeed, we succeed.”

At eBizDocs, we don’t just jump on the newest fad that comes along.   “We test each new offering in-house first to ensure its reliability and efficiency,” adds Jason Abare, Director of Technology, “then we find the best way to implement it.”

Chris Kajano, Project Manager, knows the importance of on-time delivery. “Our customers have tight deadlines. Our project estimates are based on years of experience, and we absolutely understand how to bring them in on time and on budget.”

As a service bureau, our production is only as good as the people manning our front lines. And eBizDocs has the best team in the business.

Attention to detail is just one of the variables in the equation that makes eBizDocs the document management leader it is today.

Learn more about our team of dedicated professionals:

Howard Gross, President and CEO
Jason Abare, Vice President
Chris Ginart, Director of Planning & Development
Chris Kajano, Project Manager
Candice Sobylak, Project Manager