Top 3 Reasons eBizDocs is the Official Sponsor of the Business Review’s NEW Newsstand App for iOS!

biz-review-ipad-appCongratulations to the Business Review!

They are the source for business news in the Albany, NY area, and now they’re offering their subscribers a brand new, faster, easier, and way more convenient way to get all the business news we need, when we need it.

What’s not to love!?

We’re thrilled to be the official sponsor of their iOS app launch!



Want to know why we’re delighted to support this launch? Check out our top 3 reasons below!

Reason #3 Everyone should be able to get their important business info from anywhere, any time and on any device.  Left your paper copy of the Business Review at the office?  No problem!  Get the business news and info you want and need on the golf course or over a quick cup of coffee, while you’re home with the kids,  or even on vacation – on the device you already have in your pocket.

Reason #2:  We’re in great company in the App Store!  Going mobile is where it’s at. Now you can pick up the Business Review’s newsstand app when you purchase the iPad app for our mobile tools, too!

And the #1 reason we’re sponsoring the launch? 

It’s a paperless business solution!  Yup, that’s our main story here at eBizDocs, and it makes great business sense for the Business Review to go paperless, too.

In our business, we have seen over and over that electronic documents are far better for the environment, and they are a whole lot faster, cheaper, and easier (and safer!) to use than paper files.

Paperless solutions are good news for a business’ bottom line, and we’re so glad to support the Journal in their path to going paperless as well.

PS… Be like the Business Review and set your business free… for free!

To celebrate the Business Review’s successful launch, we’re offering our eBizCloud© document management solution package, for free, to one lucky Capital Region small business… complete with an iPad2 to access your files!

Enter our drawing and set your office free… for free!

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