Congrats to Kodak!

Kodak Alaris – A new name, a new vision, and a great future for document imaging!

As reported by Kathy Kim of, as Kodak exits Chapter 11, it has spun off its document imaging business, creating a new entity, Kodak Alaris.  The move is primarily designed to allow Kodak to focus on continuing to provide the business market with high-quality document imaging solutions, including scanner sales, production and distribution.  The move also includes the release of two new software platforms, Info Activate and Info Insight.

As a professional partner of Kodak, this is terrific news for us here at eBizDocs, and for our customers as well.

 “We can be focused on our verticals strategically with the new company.  The new software would allow me to provide my users a single stream; they don’t have to have three different products from three different manufacturers.”

Howard Gross, President, eBizDocs
(as quoted on

According to Dolores Kruchten, president of Kodak Alaris’ Document Imaging Division, Info Activate enables users to catalog and retrieve documents, while Info Insight is more of an enterprise-level software that makes  information such as email, social media and documents available for customers.

“Our independence allows us to be more nimble and quick in our decision-making,” says Russell Hunt, regional general manager of Kodak Alaris for the U.S. and Canada. “We have a transition of new thinking, to be able to be more responsive to the marketplace with our programs and, for the sale cycles, to be more responsive to the end user through the channel.” (as quoted in

Congratulations again to Kodak for creating a plan for the future that continues to provide and improve the top quality products and services we have come to count on, both for our own work and for our customers.


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