Flatbed Friday

Every week we ask you to play a fun little game we like to call Flatbed Friday. But what really goes into it? Let’s take a look behind the scenes…

kodak flatbed scanner

Isn’t a ‘flatbed’ a truck?

Well, we suppose the answer to that question is technically yes, but that’s not the kind of flatbed involved in Flatbed Friday. Our flatbeds are Kodak Alaris scanning accessories, like the one to the left.

Flatbeds are ideal if you’re scanning documents that are fragile, oversized, or 3D. The open-and-close design and large, flat surface make it possible to scan virtually anything and produce a crisp, beautiful hi-res image.

Flatbed Friday is our way of having a little fun with this innovative scanning technology, while also showing off what these machines are capable of. Each week we scan something new on the flatbed, send out a blown-up teaser, and then ask our email subscribers and social media friends to guess what the “big picture” is going to be at the end of the week. Sometimes other businesses get involved and give us items to scan on the flatbed as well, which has been a really fun way of collaborating with our fellow SMBs.

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