Go Green, Get Green: eBizDocs Scuzzy Scanner Trade In Sale

Get cash for your scuzzy old scanner at eBizDocs!

Trade in your old scanner* with eBizDocs – any model, any manufacturer; we don’t even care if it works! – and we’ll give you real $$$$ toward the purchase of your brand-new, superfast, environmentally-friendly Kodak™ scanner.

Go green get green Scanner trade in cash offer

There’s no catch – it’s just that easy.

You don’t even have to bring that scuzzy old scanner to us – we’ll arrange to have it picked up, or send you the materials to ship it to us when we deliver your new scanner.


How do you take advantage of this great offer and start saving, today?


Just fill in this handy form and one of our pros will get back to you right away!

PS:  If you prefer, you can always call our sales department at: 866-816-1217. We’d love to talk with you about your scuzzy old scanner today!

*Some consumer devices do not qualify for the trade in program. But check with us anyway, it’s worth taking a few moments to see if your device qualifies!