eBizDocs Announces eBizCloud, Cabinet SAFE 9.0.3 and WEB 9.1 Updates

Cabinet is extremely responsive to changes in technology, customer requests and shifts in the marketplace. You don’t just get a piece of software. You get a true enterprise-class solution that works the way you need it to today AND tomorrow. And you get a team of developers and tech support experts (both in Huntsville and Albany) that will work with you to solve your most intractable business challenges.

Included in this update:


  • You can now…
    • Drag and drop within BATCH
    • Automate OCR within BATCH to streamline processes, including A/P and A/R.
  • Enhanced zoom feature
    • “Remembers” location when filing multiple documents
    • Allows for unique zoom location for each naming template segment!
  • Improved OCR:
    • Allows user to auto-populate segments from OCR or barcode zones within BATCH
    • Auto file mode now utilizes auto fill zones for improved workflow and streamlined processes.


  • Enhanced notifications:
    • Users will now receive notifications when an external user sends a document to a SAFE user via SHARE
  • More user control over email:
    • Now allows user to write their own “Subject” text when sending emails
    • Ability to remove email attachment when emailing out of Cabinet


  • A new and improved user interface with streamlined document previews and within WEB
  • Better handling of large amounts of workflows and folders
  • Ability to limit folders per page to display within WEB interface.

Need help with the update? Click below for our customer support site:



Want the release notes?

Need a visual?  The following video, shared with us thanks to the folks at Cabinet, gives an great walk-through of the entire release.  (Note:  it goes through the release following the list above, so you can skip ahead as needed).

Important note: In order to receive the update, you must have an active support contract with eBizDocs. If you are unsure if you are active or inactive please reach out to Kristin at kris@ebizdocs.com or call 518-456-1011.

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