EVENT – eBizCloud©: Get Safe, Secure, Protected

Even from Heartbleed.

With all the news lately about security vulnerabilities, you want to know that your trusted partners are doing everything in their power to keep your files protected. 24/7. 365 days a year.

At eBizDocs, we know that the security of your documents matters. In fact, your life, or at least your business, depends on them. And we treat them as if our business depends on them, too – because it’s our business to make your business better.

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April 17th, 2014
1-1:45 pm EDT


Spend just 30 minutes or so of your day with us, online, and:

Learn how to protect your sensitive documents from risks like Heartbleed and other data disasters including:

  • The top questions your company must ask your cloud-hosting provider BEFORE you entrust your documents to them.
  • The costs of security breaches to your company in dollars and customer confidence.
  • How our data transport and storage procedures are designed to protect you from data loss and security breaches at the server level…
  • How our document management
    applications work internally to protect your sensitive documents right down to the file level.  

We think you’ll find it worth the investment.  Won’t you join us today?

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