Kodak Alaris 2000 Series Scanners

Kodak Alaris 2000 series scanners help you add a Smart Touch to your office and get more business done.

Take a moment to think about those multiple-step scanning operations that take place again and again, day after day. Scanning, editing, naming, choosing a file format — it’s so repetitive. Now imagine the time and money you could save by doing all that at the press of a button. That’s what Kodak Alaris’ Smart Touch functionality is all about.

Kodak Alaris i2400/i2600 Scanners

The KODAK i2400/i2600 Scanners with built-in Smart Touch functionality let you capture, manage, process, and deliver files with the press of a button, completely automating a traditionally time-consuming process.

It’s all about time savings and ease-of-use. Dual LED illumination eliminates lamp warm-up time. Extendable, self-storing output tray and flexible paper handling extends the range of scannable items to just about anything — small documents or large, thick or thin, ID cards, even embossed hard cards. Not to mention the added reliability of the 50-sheet feeder and integrated paper tray.

scanner-2000_kodak-alarisKodak Alaris i2400/i2600 at a glance:

  • Pages per minute – 30/70
  • Warranty – YES/YES
  • Capture Pro License – A/A
  • Hard Card Scanning – YES/YES
  • VRS Available – YES/YES
  • List Price – $845/$1,195

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Kodak Alaris i2800 Scanner

No matter what size your business or department is, the reliable performance of the KODAK i2800 Scanner can enable collaboration right from your desktop. It decreases processing time for information that needs to be shared for review, reference, approval, and legal/compliance reasons. This helps increase both internal and external customer satisfaction, and saves your company time and money. Plus, if your business has branch offices or field agents, distributed capture allows document images to be immediately sent to a central location for easy access.

Kodak Alaris i2800 at a glance:

  • Pages per minute – 70
  • Warranty – YES
  • Capture Pro License – B
  • Hard Card Scanning – YES
  • VRS Available – YES
  • List Price – $1,895

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