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How much time do your employees spend searching for documents?

how will my business be more efficient we can find the information we need in seconds quote by hoffman development hoffman's car wash

If you’re like most of the businesses that still use paper, you spend about 2 minutes looking for each and every file you need.

Even if you’ve “gone paperless,” over 2 hours per week are still spent looking for documents.  In fact, the average manager-level employee spends about 40 hours (that’s a full work week!) searching for documents.

Imagine how much more your staff could accomplish, if only you could capture the time lost in searching and utilize it for more productive activities.  Imagine how much faster your service team could respond to customer requests!

Businesses run on information…

my business is already paperless. our digital documents are stored on our server. 41 % of organizations are not confident that data stored on local servers is accurate accessible and trustworthy

…and the volume that must be managed is growing at a rapidly-increasing rate. Is your business “paperless”? A considerable amount of each business day is still spent processing and searching for information. A  structured organizational system is essential to effectively managing this influx of data and files.

Document management technologies offer a solution. They deliver immediate value and increasing organizational efficiency and effectiveness, while seamlessly integrating with your existing business software.

Businesses achieve a (proven) return on investment 

Businesses achieve a (proven) average of $6.12 return on investment for every dollar spent on document management systems.

AND… 99% of businesses reported a complete return on investment within the first 12-18 months of implementation!

With these types of returns and our eBizCloud© money-back guarantee, what are you waiting for?

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